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Positive evaluation of the pilot project and future perspectives

In September 2017, KBDF launched a pilot project in new areas of the Tibetan Plateau : Sichuan and Qinghai provinces. Last December, the Belgian team realized a field visit to evaluate the implementation in both provinces and brought back very good news!
A few greenhouses were built in Sichuan and work very well despite harsh climatic conditions (-15°C at night). Now people can have fresh vegetable at 4,500 high during wintertime (unbelievable without greenhouse)! What an improvement for the daily diet of the children!

In Qinghai, the project was focused on hygiene and health promotion. Several training sessions were given and basic hygiene articles (basin, underwear, soap, etc.)) were distributed to the participants. KBDF team met some of them who expressed their enthusiasm and their willingness to have more activities like this!


The pilot project was then a good success for KBDF, who desires to continue to implement such activities in these areas. More details here!


Closing of the project in T.A.R. and launch of a pilot project on the Tibetan Plateau

After the release of the new Chinese law about international NGO’s, we were constrained to close down our project in Tibet Autonomous Regions last June, after 25 years of work… Despite the incomprehension and the deception, the Belgian team decided to not give up and to continue its commitment towards the Tibetan population.

This is why these last months, we have designed a new project in close collaboration with new Tibetan partners. The first phase will be a trial on greenhouse construction, basic health and hygiene promotion, as well as training on nutrition. The project location will be Qinghai and Sichuan provinces and the implementation will start in September 2017.

For more info please visit our “Project” page.


Running the 20km of Brussels for the "ones that can't"

25 fabulous people took the challenge to run the 20km of Brussels to support KBD Fund on Sunday 28th of May!

In addition to the physical effort, they raised 4,000 euros for the KBD patients!

Congrats to these brave runners who all crossed the finishing line!


Thanks guys for this amazing challenge and effort! You are wonderful!


KBD Fund at the BANFF Mountain Film Festival

The BANFF Mountain Film Festival is a festival of short films that stage intrepid persons in vertiginous setting.

For the 2017 edition, KBD Fund team was in Brussels for 2 nights (March 16th-17th) in order to present the organization and its project. The goal was to raise awareness among “mountain lovers” of what can be the living conditions of populations living on high plateaus.

Thank you to all the BANFF staff and volunteers! It was a great experience and hope we could repeat it next year!     


Cooking class

In May, our fervent supporter Dominique decided to “renew the experience” after the success of the charity lunch in December. That’s why she organized two cooking classes whose profits have been entirely donated to KBDF.

Both events took place in the private kitchen of “la Rose Noire” in Hong Kong and gathered 15 participants.

Thanks to their generosity and Dominique’s dedication, HKD 11,000 HKD (€ 1,250) were given to KBDF and will be directly used to strengthen preventive measures in Tibetan villages.


 A big thank you to everyone!


Charity Lunch

In December, our two big supporters in Hong-Kong, Dominique and Benedicte, made us an early Christmas gift. They organized a lunch in favour of KBD Fund.

With Benedicte as “master of ceremonies” and Dominique as chef, a group of 17 women had the chance to enjoy a delicious “Foie gras” lunch, as well as to discover our activities. A big success!!

A big and warm thank you to Benedicte and Dominique and to every generous participant!

Baroque music concert for KBDF

This year, The Baroque Music Festival in Famenne-Ardenne (Mubafa) offered to organize their first concert to support our organization. Belgian soloists (Julie Bailly, Marie-Catherine Baclin, Grégory Decerf …) will sing “English Baroque opera tunes”, accompanied by Ballo e Canto Ensemble and Terpsichore vocal Ensemble, and directed by Mr. Xavier Haag.

The Cultural House of Famenne-Ardenne (Marche-en-Famenne) will host this event October 9 at 20.00. Tickets are available here.

36th SICOT World Congress
(Guangzhou, September 2015)

A symposium about Kashin-Beck disease was organized as part of the 36th SICOT (International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology) World Congress. Four papers from KBDF were selected. That’s why a part of our scientific team flew to Guangzhou (P. R. China) last September. The papers presented reflected the last progress of our research on the Kashin-Beck disease. It was also the good opportunity to meet Chinese colleagues to exchange and discuss about the subject.

Abstracts papers presented by KBDF team are available on the page 书 - 研讨会 - 出版


Rare Disease Day

28th of February 2015

This year was the 8th edition of the Rare Disease Day. KBD became a friend of this organization which fight to raise awareness of policy makers, public authorities, industry representatives, researchers, health professionals and anyone who has a genuine interest in rare diseases.


Rotary Leadership Award

In June 2014, KBDF received the Rotary Leadership Award, delivered by the Rotary Club of Shanghai to “honor and showcase outstanding individuals and programs that are making notable socially responsible achievements both in the city of Shanghai and throughout China”.



Signature of a new agreement

On February 21 st, 2014, the 2 partners, the « Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  » of the Tibet Autonomous Region and "Kashin-Beck Disease Fund" have signed a new agreement for 3 years. The signing ceremony took place in front of representative of the Regional Public Health Bureau and the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet Autonomous Region.





2011年1月, 比利时   Liege   大学化学分析试验室的负责人 Georges Lognay 教授到拉萨十天,他来拉萨的目的是为了给自治区疾控中心试验室人员提供培训。几名地方病试验室的专家也参加了培训,参训人员对专家的培训感到非常满意,表达了希望能够再次参加这样的培训的愿望




2011年1月21日, 西藏自治区疾病预防控制中心和西藏大骨节病基金会合作项目双方负责人,西若绕登主任和芳索斯.马修博士共同签订了未来2年的合作协议。自治区卫生厅,自治区外事办公室项目办和疾病预防控制中心的领导也参加了协议签字仪式。









2010年4月14日中国西部青海省发生7.1级地震, 玉树县是其中伤亡最为严重的地区.

    4月16日死亡人数报告达到791人大约有10,000人受重伤,并伴随着大量的房屋倒塌, 许多人面临食物短缺和没有地方居住.


    三天的时间内,大骨节病基金会在拉萨购买了7屯糌粑, 25日基金会职员央宗女士随着装满糌粑的大卡车前往玉树, 经过3天的行程后到达玉树县,当他们到达后区疾控中心救援队帮助她在两天的时间内将糌粑直接发放到了所有村民手中


  你们的支持才使这一小小的帮助成为可能, 我们真诚的感谢你的支持和帮助!






2009 年夏季,在美国


两名年轻的 “募捐者” 出售岩石为大骨节病基金会集资。



2009 年 5 月 25 日大骨节病基金会与合作单位西藏自治区疾病预防控制中心在拉萨组织召开了“西藏大骨节病研究和防治项目成果汇报”会。西藏自治区卫生厅和自治区外事办的有关领导出席了此次汇报会。汇报会的主题是汇报和讨论过去4年的项目成果(包括研究部分。


ü  西藏自治区大骨节病病情分布情况。

ü  西藏中部农村大骨节病病区儿童饮食摄入量。

ü  西藏中部农村大骨节病病区儿童佝偻病。

ü  西藏大骨节病儿童补充微量元素的效果。

ü  2004—2007 年谷物真菌研究和控制效果。

ü  今后大骨节病防治项目的计划。













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